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Here you can download music that Tomi Kemeny has made, and is giving away for free. The rights to these tracks can be purchased however, if you'd like to use any of them for commercial use.
Made in Logic Pro X (2014)
Made with Logic Pro X and the Korg Ms-20 mini (2015)
Made with Logic Pro X and the MicroKorg (2014)
This was made excitedly after purchasing the Korg Ms-20 mini (2014)
Made in Logic Pro X, all synth from the Korg Ms-20 mini.
Drums made in Logic Pro X, Synths from Korg Ms-20 and Microkorg.
Made in 2012 with Zach Graham playing guitar and Alexa Ballance on vocals.
Drums from the Planet Phatt, mixed in Logic (2013)
Made in Pro Tools with the Microkorg for synth (2014)